We present to you the „Success Flower 2015“ candidates

We present to you the „Success Flower 2015“ candidates

The ABW Serbia will award for the 9th time the „Success Flower 2015“ to the best women entrepreneurs in Serbia. This year, 30 candidates from Serbia are shortlisted for the award, and the winners will be announced on October 28th during the gala award ceremony in Opera & Theatre „Madlenianum“in Belgrade.

As was tradition in the years before, there are two main categories for the award: „the most European women company“ and „the best employment model“. Asides from the main awards, ABW Serbia keeps the practise to grand Special mentorions to the most successful women entrepreneurs.

„ABW Serbia has been promoting and contributing to the development of women entrepreneurs for 17 years and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. The „Success Flower“ should emphasize the power of women entrepreneurship, but also the effort, time and investments needed for this power to grow. We are delighted to have so many candidates for this award every year, but the most important is that these women are powerful, capable and dedicated to their businesses. Having in mind that our business environment is not enough stimulative, I consider that all of these women should gain Success Flower for their successful businesses.“ told phD Sanja Popovic Pantic, president of ABW Serbia.

All nominated candidates will be presented in the media, in a special publication „Success Flower 2015“, but also in the gala award ceremony.

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