Managing board of the Association of Business Women in Serbia decided, after electronic voting on May 17th, to open a designated account to help the flood victims. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many ABW members and ABW partners who answered to the Call for help.

So far, ABW has transferred 336.500,00 dinars of donations to the special account of the Serbian Government to help the flood victims. 

  • Members of the Association of Women managers „ELIT“ in Macedonia and their president Lenka Ugrinovska have sent us a letter of support regarding the terrible floods that befell Serbia and expressed willingness to work with ABW Serbia organized campaign of support.
  • Words of support and sympathy for the disaster that struck Serbia sent  Cvetelina Uzunov, co-publisher and editor in chief of the magazine „Business Woman Magazine“, Sofia (Bulgaria). Cvetelina expressed her readiness to launch a campaign to collect the necessary support to flood victims in Serbia, in cooperation with the Association of Business Women in Bulgaria.
  • Colleagues from the Association of Business Women of Montenegro and colleagues Ljubica Kostic-Bukarica expressed their support and sympathy. They alerted their members to get involved in collecting donations for the flood victims in the region.
  • Company „EurologSistem“ Ltd. from Belgrade, of ABW colleague Vesna Jovanovic responded to the ABW Call for help and donated 50.000 dinars to help those in need.
  • The „Slovo“ Ltd. from Belgrade, of ABW  colleague Gordana Djurdjevic supported the Call for help of the Association of Business Women of Serbia with 20,000 dinars.
  • „Nira Press“ Ltd. Belgrade, of our colleague Radojka Nikolic donated 20.000 dinars for the flood victims.
  • General Hospital „Bel Medic“ and its founder Dr. Jasmina Knezevic donated 100,000 dinars and made all their ambulance vehicles available during the flood crisis.
  • ABW colleague Biljana Trifunovic, owner of the „IFA – International Financial AGENCY“ from Belgrade, along with herfamily, took part in the rescue of the people from the flooded Obrenovac and gave them accommodation in their family home.
  • Company „Masmi Belgrade“ donated funds to the Red Cross of Serbia to help the flood victims.
  • Our colleagues Tatjana Jevđović (Beauty imagini) and Snezana Boskovic (Structure 9), along with their family members responded to the call for volunteers in collective centers.
  • The company „Art Ival“ of our colleague Tatjana Vučićević joined the rescue activities of victims of the floods as soon as the disaster occurred, providing all kinds of support,  up to the fact that she accomodated two families from Obrenovac in her family home.
  • Our colleague Nevena Ćeklić, owner of the  Language Center „Neven“, being a professional captain and diver participated in the rescue activities of people from the endangered areas.
  • Henkel Serbia, supported by the Vienna head office, has provided 100.000 EUR in goods to help victims of floods.
  • Dr Sanja Popovic Pantic donated 20.000 dinars to help the flood victims.
  • Company „“ of our colleague Dragana Stojanovic donated 10.000 dinars for help to the flood victims.
  • ABW colleague Bogdanka Pesic with her  company „Perihard Engineering“ responded to our Call for help and donated 30.000 dinars.
  • Company „Eurotranslate“ donated 20,000 to help the flood victims.
  • Companies „Iber“ and „Inak“ Ltd from Bosilegrad of our members Nevenka Kostadinova donated to the Government’s special account 50,000 dinars to help the  flood victims.
  • Publishing house „KLETT“ of our colleague Gordana Knezevic – Orlic with their colleagues in Europe organized an auction, that raised 2.4 million dinars, and in coordination with the Ministry of Education company „KLETT“ will help the reconstruction of schools in the affected areas.
  • Miroslava Jovanovic, co-owner of the company „Novex“ Ltd supported the ABW Call for help to help the flood victims by donating 10,000 dinars.
  • Company „Afrodite Mode Collection“ of our colleague Aphrodite Bajic donated to affected people in Obrenovac and Sabac sheets in the amount of 500,000 dinars. They donated twice to the Red Cross bedding, blankets and covers in the ampunt of 78 266, 22 and 299 691,67 dinars.
  • The „Vivex Trading“ has donated 100,000 dinars and the company „Vivex service“ another 100,000 dinars on the special account of the Government of Serbia, and our colleague Vesna Pucar Grubor has also supported the ABW action by donating 20,000 dinars.
  • The Call for help of the Association also supported through donations, our colleagues Olivera Popovic, Dusica Semenčenko, Olivera Pantović and Radmila Milivojevic.


In this utterly difficult and unfortunate situation – since many cities in Serbia are hit by the most devastating flooding in its history, tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and are in need of refuge and help – Government of the Republic of Serbia has issued a call for help and we will follow, hopefully all together.


The Association of Business Women in Serbia has opened a special account to which everyone, including ABW partner organization, co-workers and colleagues can make donations in order to contribute to rescue and relief efforts of flood victims.

ABW account number for assistance to victims of floods (foreign currency account) is 275000022002116998 (Societe Generale Banka Srbija), payment purpose – donation to help flood victims.

Payment instructions are below.


Money will be transferred to the account of the Government of the Republic of Serbia that is opened exclusively for this purpose. After making your donation, you will be notified that the money has been periodically transferred to Government’s account and that you can follow Government’s web site for further information on how it is being spent. Also, if you would like to receive a more detailed report, just let us know and we will keep you informed.

As the help will be needed in the upcoming period, not only in the next couple of days, we are open for all comments and suggestions for further humanitarian measures which will be necessary to the flood victims in the following period.

If you wish to provide support individually, in the attachment you will find details about the Call for help issued by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.


In the Association of Business Women of Serbia contact person will be Katarina Vujovic, phone +381 11 6776 801, mobile +381 62 8236 936, email

We have demonstrated humanity and solidarity so many times before and we are sure that you will respond to this Call as well.