You can do it too. Read what our members say about how and why they became the entrepreneurs.

“If you feel like having entrepreneurial spirit, let it come out”

“There were countless difficult moments in my career…I could write a book about it. However, we overcame all the difficult moments thanks to a lot of effort, persistence, and learning from our mistakes.”

Afrodita Bajić, Afrodite Mode Collection

“It is the right time to take life into your own hands.”

“After turning 30 and working in managerial positions in marketing and PR in both government and the private sector, I realized that I wanted my name to stand next to the projects that I had designed and implemented.”

Ana Jovanović, KROJAČ

“We are trying to make women feel more beautiful and self-assured”

“I started dealing with fashion primarily to assist my mother who quit her job in a socially-owned company, where she had worked as a seamstress. Slowly our responsibilities divided in a natural way: my mother took care of production, while I dealt with all other ‘small things’ necessary for a company to live and grow. Eighteen years later “Luna” exports to several European countries.”

Biljana Jovanović, Luna

“I am surrounded by positive people who work for themselves, assume responsibility and create their reality”

“I never doubted that Infostud would become a serious company, as it is now. I have been with the company from the very beginning when it was formed in late 2000, but only in 2004 did I decide to work fulltime, even though my first wage did not cover my cost of living. Today, Infostud is a leading internet company in Serbia, managing and developing its own websites.”

Branislava Gajić, INFOSTUD

An entrepreneur should strive to maintain her ‘emotional’ and ‘rational’ balance

“Wholesale and retail trade was what I knew best after spending all those years ‘practicing business’ in the socially-owned trading company where I worked. With one-third of my last salary left in my purse, my husband and I started the Novitas Company, a trading business. We strongly focus on the ongoing education of employees, and much attention is paid to our social responsibility in the local community.”

Dragica Božinović, NOVITAS

“It is not important to know answers to all the questions, it is important to recognize the path”

What do you do if a company which was established two centuries ago is up for sale? What about if the purchase price includes technologically obsolete equipment? “While others saw a decrepit institution, I recognized an opportunity for self-realization and became the co-owner and director. I encountered difficulties from the very beginning but Slovo is the first and only company in which I found myself professionally developing.”

Gordana Đurđević, SLOVO

“Do not lose momentum, be brave and move boundaries!”

“Those were war years in our country and my husband and I thought that we must take initiative and do something or leave the country. We decided to stay here and to fight. In the first place, I wanted to offer not only top medicine but top service as well, more humane and oriented towards the desires and needs of patients. The second goal was to support the development of the private sector in Serbia. We take an active part in changes of legal regulations and in creating a better business environment.”

Dr. Jasmina Knežević,
BELMEDIC General Hospital and Health Centre

“I had to start from scratch and get acquainted with all segments of business operations”

“My job is dynamic, creative and challenging. Given that it has nothing to do with what I studied, I had to start from scratch and get acquainted with all segments of business operations, from production, sale, bookkeeping, marketing to development and investments. For my associates I selected people who were at the beginning of their careers and we learned together. Those people are still with me, committed and loyal collaborators.”

Mila Litvinjenko, AURA