Success Flower for The Dragon Woman 2011

Success Flower for The Dragon Woman 2011

On October 19th in the Belgrade’s Theatre in Terazije was held the event “Success Flower for The Dragon Woman 2011”. This year, the ceremony was dedicated to the Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors.

“Our Ambassadors are extraordinary, brave, energetic and willing to inspire and motivate other women, as well as men, to become entrepreneurs, and try to swim in entrepreneurial waters. As a step further, together with the Association of Business Women, we started the project Female Entrepreneurship Mentors“, said Ivica Eždenci, the Director of the National Agency for Regional Development.

In the last 5 years, 40 women were awarded the “Success Flower for a Dragon Woman”, for a success achieved by work, patience, creativity and persistence, and out of ten ambassadors, 5 have been awarded the title of a “Dragon Woman” in previous years“, said Sanja Popović-Pantić, President of the Association of Business Women of Serbia at the fifth anniversary of the award.

The following Ambassadors were awarded: owner of the company “Afrodite Mode Collection” Afrodita Bajić, owner of the business for production of cakes and cookies ”Dessert” Zorica Selaković, Manager of the hospital “Bel Medic” Jasmina Knežević, Director of the company “Stanojević” Ljiljana Stanojević, Director of the company “Etno” Sanja Knežević, co-owner of the company “Novitas” Dragica Božinović, owner of the company “” Anja Ivana Milić, owner of the company “Maja promet” Marina Milović, owner of the consulting agency “MS Employment” Marija Stevanović.

Special award for innovation, given by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GIZ) was awarded to the entrepreneur and ambassador Nataša Milanović, owner of the company “Biosil”, who dedicated this award to all innovative women in Serbia.

Ten Ambassadors have been selected from 37 candidates, and all Ambassadors agreed that this title is “nice” and they promised to work jointly on promotion of entrepreneurship and encouraging all young people to start their own business.

The project “Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors” is organised by the National Agency for Regional Development, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Association of Business Women of Serbia and the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA). The goal of the project is to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship in Serbia by encouraging entrepreneurial potentials of women.