e-Mentoring program has been created as a part of the project 
„DEA – Digital Entrepreneurship Awakening: From new vulnerabilities to economic empowerment of women in Serbia”. 
The project is supported by the UN Women – United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women within the project “Key steps toward gender equality”, which is financed by the European Union

e-Mentoring program has been created with a goal to connect successful women entrepreneurs, managers and other professionals with newbie female entrepreneurs, those who want to become entrepreneurs, as well as women who need mentoring in the process of choosing and development of their career, thus enabling them to improve their businesses and professional skills supported by the top-level experts and professionals.


e-Mentoring program is designed to connect qualified women, experts from different fields with less experienced women in order to help them to achieve their goals. Additionally, the convenience of this type of mentoring facilitates communication without any time or geographical constraint. 

  • Duration of the mentoring process is determined by mentoring pairs and cannot be shorter than 3 months  
  • Distance mentoring will be held via Skype at least twice a month one hour per session
  • The agenda of the mentoring session will be proposed by mentee and she will send it to mentor two days (48 hours) before the session
  • Cancellation / changing the schedule of the mentoring session should be done 48 hours prior to the session or upon agreement by the parties
  • At the end of the mentoring process, both parties will submit reports to ABW Serbia, as the organizer of the mentoring process
  • Mentoring will be free of charge during the trial period
  • They can be done anywhere
  • They can be done at any time
  • They encourages the exchange of information between mentors and mentees
  • They save time for both mentors and mentees
  • They provide opportunities to agree on the dynamics of meetings
  • They provide opportunities for different types of cooperation in the future

Dr Sanja Popovic Pantic

ABW Serbia, President


Field of Expertise:
Consultant for SME development, in the field of innovations and competitiveness, especially focusing on the women enterpreneurship development

Olivera Popovic

ABW Serbia, Vice President

Field of Expertise:
Business start-ups, establishing a business modell, business process digitalization



Dragica Bozinovic

Novitas Consult

Field of Expertise:
Market research, current and potential partners /customers – suppliers / rentability of production


Svetlana Brkic

SB Project

Field of Expertise:
Architecture, creative industry and business start-ups




Tatjana Jevdjovic

Integra Life Club by Beauty Imagini

Field of Expertise:
Consuting and creating special programs for SPA&wellness, beauty and finess centers, hotels; spa&wellness centers furnishing, training massage therapists under the ‘Beauty Imagini methodology’ programme certified in Italy, visual identity of spa&wellness centers (logo, flyers), SPA&wellness centers management and marketing.

Gordana Knezevic Orlic


Field of Expertise:
Creative industry












Lorena Macura, MBA

SEAF South Balkan Fund

Field of Expertise:
Mergers and acquisitions, business and financial analysis, due diligence, valuation, strategy formulation, negotiations









Tatjana Mamula Nikolic, PhD


Field of Expertise:
Empowerment and renovation of existing business, change management, innovative techniques in the field of business development and optimization (design thinking, coaching ..)







Manpreet Dhillon


Field of Expertise:
Manpreet is a Certified Personal and Business Coach, and a Certified Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Organizational Management and the Founder and CEO of veza, a socially responsible company offering training, workshops, international trade missions and executive and career coaching to individuals and companies. veza aims to transform the face of leadership by accelerating more women of cultural backgrounds in leadership positions.

Milenca Srećkovic

SET d.o.o.

Field of Expertise:
Organization of enterprises and work processes, preparation and realization of investment construction, infrastructural equipment, hydrotechnical infrastructure










Natasa Pavlovic Bujas

Blueman group

Field of Expertise:
Communications, marketing, public relations, market positioning, brand development, internal team development












Vesna Pucar Grubor

Vivex Group

Field of Expertise:

Entrepreneurship, organization development from startup to medium-sized enterprise, organization, communication, strengthening of managerial skills, development goals achievement – from idea to running a company









Ivana Radic

International Business Women’s Network

Field of Expertise:
Public relations (internal and external communications, crisis management), personal image and business etiquette, profitability raising, team building, business optimization, sales skills improvement, increasing business efficiency, leadership skills, negotiations.

Tijana Sekulic

AT Consulting

Field of Expertise:
Entrepreneurship, marketing, visual identity, digital transformation of SMEs








Milena Simic


Field of Expertise:
Business process digitalization, corporate management, financial and accounting consulting,
Company / institution data providing






Marija Slavkovic

MS Finance & Accounting

Field of Expertise:
Taxes, finances, accounting










Biljana Trifunovic

IFA-International Financial Agency

Field of Expertise:
Finance, taxes, foreign trade and foreign exchange management














Ruzica Zorkic-Radicevic


Field of Expertise:
Media, PR, marketing















Dragana Stojanovic

Media.com d.o.o.
Cebo Educa Plus (Center For Equal Business Opportunities Educa Plus

Field of Expertise:

Marketing, communication and marketing strategy, event organization, with experience of implementation in the field of agribusiness and organic production, starting a business, the importance of marketing and developing the right strategy for it; developing a marketing plan, the process of moving into organic production and what is important to know in the process

Manuela Stamatovic

Puzzle Consulting

Field of Expertise
Development of Business Strategies, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Brand Development and Positioning, Market Research and Analysis, Customer Experience Management, Team Development and Management








  • Completed application forms will not be published, they create an internal ABW Serbia database.
  • Expression of interest of mentees will come to the address of ABW Serbia, who will make the initial
    selection. Only the applications that pass the first selection will be forwarded to mentors.
  • ABW Serbia makes the first proposal for a mentoring couple.
  • After the mentoring couple’s consent, the ABW Serbia connect the mentor and mentee directly. Further dynamics of work is determined by the mentoring couple.