The “Success Flower” award represents a unique incentive for business women who successfully cope with the challenges of transition and additionally motivates women who are on the verge of deciding to enter the world of entrepreneurship. The goal of the award is the affirmation of successful female entrepreneurs and the visibility of their contribution to the economic development of Serbia. By recognizing the most successful, the public’s attention is drawn to the great driving force of female entrepreneurship.

The award for the best female entrepreneurs was established for the first time in 2007, with the aim of making the influence of women on the development of the Serbian economy visible and motivating female entrepreneurs for new successes. The original creator of the award is the Association of Business Women in Serbia.

The opportunity to participate in the competition for the award is available to all business women who are the owners of companies or have shares in the ownership of companies and have a major role in the management of the company, regardless of the type of activity.



In addition to the awards in the two main categories, ABW also awards SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS to successful female entrepreneurs every year for their contribution to the development of female entrepreneurship in various business segments where they have achieved notable success on the domestic and foreign markets.


Since 2018, recognition has been given to large companies that implement the 5th United Nations Principle for the Empowerment of Women, provide the best model for the inclusion of women in supply chains and respect gender equality in their operations, in the category

In 2012, the event “Success Flower” was a candidate of Serbia, at the proposal of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, for the prestigious European Enterprise Promotion Award – EEPA, and out of a total of 400 submitted projects from all over Europe, it was selected for the award. 

Promoting the achievements of women in business, by participating in commissions for the selection of the best female entrepreneurs, was supported by women in leadership positions in the Government of Serbia and its specialized bodies. In the desire to publicly talk about female entrepreneurs as an important economic resource, the project has so far been supported by: ministries of economy, former and current vice-presidents of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, former and current presidents of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and other prominent figures in leadership positions in support institutions of small and medium enterprises.

In the past 17 years, 161 female entrepreneurs have received the Success Flower award or special recognition

In the past 6 years, 26 companies have been recognized as the most gender-sensitive company

Last year, the first WIPO IP Enterprise Medal was awarded

In 2022, the event was supported by the Coordinating Body for Gender Equality, the Ministry of Economy, USAID / Impact Hub Belgrade as part of the WE Founders initiative, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), SME Week, D Express, EurologSistem, Klett, Acibadem BelMedic and 17 other members of ABW Serbia, as well as 10 media partners, the sponsor of the event was company A1.

You can view the list of members of ABW Serbia who have been awarded this award so far here.