Success flower for best women entrepreneurs

Success flower for best women entrepreneurs

Association of Business Women in Serbia awarded the „Success Flower“ awards to the best women entrepreneurs in Serbia, 9th year in a row. The awards were granted during the gala award ceremony in Opera & Theatre “Madlenianum” in Belgrade. This year, 30 candidates from Serbia were shortlisted for the award and 11 of them were awarded with the “Success Flower”.

In the category “the most European women company” awards were granted to Gordana Djurdjevic, director and co-owner of “Slovo” Ltd. from Belgrade and Bozana Pantovic, co-owner of “Elipsa” Ltd. from Kraljevo.

In the category “the best employment model” award was given to Lidija Ristic, co-owner and director of “Fasada” Ltd.

In the subcategory “self-employment” award winners are: Milijana Stojanovic, owner of “Byonis Plus” from Krnjevo, and Jasmina Markovic Karovic, owner of “Urban Reads” Ltd. from Belgrade.

Traditionally, ABW Serbia kept the practice and granted Special mentions to the most successful women entrepreneurs. This year, six women entrepreneurs were awarded.

“Initiatives towards associating women entrepreneurs on regional level were started up this year as we will bring more efficient solutions for common problems by working together. Being aware that we share the same problems is a certain relief, but awareness of joint problem solving is much more important for strengthening self-confidence. We are aware that we are on a long road to reforms which should bring significant improvements in the area of women entrepreneurship, but also, the betterment of the whole society”, said Sanja Popovic Pantic, president of ABW Serbia and the creator of the project “Success Flower”.

Source: RTS