Inclusion in employment

Inclusion in employment

June 1 – December 31 2015

The main objective of the project “Inclusion in employment” is to promote youth with disabilities employment through information, activation, informal training, working practice and building sustainable cooperation with employers.

Activities will take place in three cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis.

Projects activities will provide mechanism to support young with disabilities employment:

  1. Informative campaign (July – August) will focus on informing young persons with disabilities about assessment of working ability process, possibilities of informal education and ongoing trends on labour market. Promotional campaign is designed to young population and to general public.
  2. Informal education (September – October) will provide promotion of knowledge and skills of young persons with disabilities . The main objective is to empower young population for better fulfillment of labour market requirements and to provide better connection between education and employment.
  3. Tree one-day workshops with employers (November – December) in cooperation with business associations will be held in order to contribute to promotion of young with disabilities employment. These activities should create friendly environment for working practices for young with disabilities.

The project is implemented by Youth with disabilities forum and supported by the Association of Business Women in Serbia.

The project is funded by the Ministry of youth and sports.

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