EEN business meetings – “B2B Women Entrepreneurs in Progress 2015”

EEN business meetings – “B2B Women Entrepreneurs in Progress 2015”

B2B international brokerage meetings between women entrepreneurs in the region were organized on September 25 2015, as a part of the Enterprise Europe Network project.

Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, member of Serbian consortium Enterprise Europe Network – EEN, was organizer of the B2B event in cooperation with the Association of Business Women in Serbia. This meeting represented the activity of EEN sectorial group for women entrepreneurship.

Eight EEN partner organizations from Serbia and abroad joined as co-organizers.

Positive experience and success from the first international B2B brokerage meetings for women entrepreneurs held in Nis in 2013 were the motivator for the second international meetings, in frame of the conference „Women Entrepreneurs of New Age: New Opportunities for Regional Economic Revival“ gathered women entrepreneurs from the region.

More than 77 participants from 6 countries took part in this year’s B2B meetings, and they participated in over 100 business meetings. According to the feedback information of participants, new cooperation agreements are expected to be realized.

A total of 8 business cooperation agreements were signed between partners from Serbia and abroad after business meetings held in 2013.