Expert Susan Sarfati visits Association of Business Women in Serbia

Expert Susan Sarfati visits Association of Business Women in Serbia

Susan Sarfati, expert and executive director of High Performance Strategies company, visited Association of Business Women in Serbia as part of the Speakers program. The program is supported by the US embassy in Belgrade.

The first visit of Mrs. Susan Sarfati to Serbia was in 2012, when she visited ABW Serbia in frame of the Know How mentoring programme. Tree years later, ABW Serbia is delighted to have another opportunity to have Mrs. Sarfati in Serbia and exchange experience in order to enrich existing knowledge.

The main goal of the visit is to support the development of women entrepreneurs in Serbia through the support of ABW Serbia on all levels: through work with employees, ABW members, members of Executive Board and Public Advocacy Committee, and with partner organizations in Subotica and Valjevo as well.

Monday,  (14.09.2015.), Mrs. Susan Sarfati had a meeting with members of ABW Public Advocacy Committee. They discussed about Strategic communication plan of ABW Serbia, focusing on elements of public advocacy. Members of Committee, along with Mrs. Sarfati came to several constructive suggestions for further growth and development of ABW Serbia.

Same day, Mrs. Sarfati also had a meeting with the ABW project team and shared her experience about team functioning, needs, priorities and harmony, as the most important factor for more effective and efficient organization.

Tuesday (15.09.2015.) Mrs. Sarfati visited Valjevo. She gave a lecture to 20 women entrepreneurs and students, member of Association of Business Women in Valjevo“EvE”, at the Faculty of Business – Singidunum. She spoke about leadership, business strategies and planning, process management and harmonization of personal and business needs and obligations.

Wednesday (16.09.2015.), Mrs. Sarfati attended regular meeting of ABW Serbia, which was held in the premised of “Bel Medic” general hospital. She encouraged interactive discussion among members in order to improve the quality of the organization.

Thursday (17.09.2015.), Mrs. Sarfati visited Association of Business Women in Subotica and inspired members with motivational speech and with participating in a panel discussion with women entrepreneurs, vice president of ABW Serbia, Olivera Popovic and president of ABW Subotica, Mrs. Danica Drakulic. She shared her experience and knowledge and gave invaluable advice to all interested women.

Friday (18.09.2015.) Mrs. Sarfati held a meeting with the Executive Board of ABW Serbia. The focus was on the exchange of experience and promotion of functioning of the organization. Susan Sarfati gave advices on how to promote the Association based on her over decade’s experience. Members discuss how to harmonize these suggestions with current conditions in Serbia.