International Conference: Women Entrepreneurs of New Age

International Conference: Women Entrepreneurs of New Age

Belgrade, August 21 2015. – International conference of the Association of business women and women entrepreneurs in Serbia will be held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia September 25 to 26.
Organizer of the conference “Women Entrepreneurs of New Age: New Opportunities for Regional Economic Revival“ is ABW Serbia.

The main goals are to make new business contacts between women entrepreneurs in the region, to strengthen the influence of women on the changes in business environment, to be a part of larger regional initiatives for promotion of women’s entrepreneurship, and, probably the most important, networking in order to achieve joint performance.

This meeting is consisted of several events brought by ABW Serbia in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network – EEN Serbia, South East European Center for Entrepreneurial Learning – SEECEL and Regional Cooperation Council – RCC.

During the first day of the conference will be organized B2B brokerage meetings by the Enterprise Europe Network Serbia – EEN Serbia. Afterwards will be held, a dissemination event of the regional project “Women Entrepreneurship – A Job Creation Engine for SEE” . Partners on the project are: South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL), Gender Task Force (GTF), SIDA office and Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

The second day is devoted to discussions regarding topics  public advocacy in the region, results and opportunities of networking, as well as access to finance as a prerequisite for sustainability of women’s businesses . Anticipated participants are representatives of institutions and organizations relevant for women’s entrepreneurship in the region: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia.

SEECEL – Women entrepreneurs – A Job Creation Engine for SEE

First day of the conference organized by ABW Serbia, will host a national presentation of the results of the project „Women entrepreneurs – A Job Creation Engine for SEE“. The main goal of this project is to raise awareness about specific situation in our region and to strengthen the capacity of networks and entrepreneurial associations.

SEECEL will be presenting results about training needs of women entrepreneurs. This research was conducted in 9 SEE countries and Turkey. Also, the visitors will be able to see 10-minutes film about three successful women entrepreneurs.

SEECEL is the Regional South East European Center for Entrepreneurial Learning and its mission it to help the developing countries which are pretending to become EU members to structure their cooperation with EU in accordance with policies for entrepreneurial learning as core competences. SEECEL is the first result of development of institutional framework resulted from SBA (Small Business Act) of EU in life long entrepreneurial learning field.

In SEE countries striving to become EU members, women entrepreneurs are still insufficiently used recourse for establishment of companies and creating new jobs.