„Success Flower 2014“ Winners

„Success Flower 2014“ Winners

The Association of Business Women in Serbia, awarded the most successful women entrepreneurs in Serbia with the “Success Flower 2014″ for the eighth time in a row.

The slogan of the award ceremony was „DREAM, IDEA, ACHIEVEMENT“.

This year as well the project was supported by the GIZ – The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH and CIPE – Center for International Private Enterprise from Washington D.C, sponsors and traditionally, members of ABW Serbia.

Institutional support was provided by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European SME Week.

This year 27 candidates, from almost entire country, were shortlisted for the award and 16 ladies were awarded with the „Success Flower“! All candidates were presented through a special publication, presented at the award ceremony. As in the previous years, traditionally special mentions were granted, with a special one for the „best mentoring pair“.

Every year, on stage, through a short interview conducted by Tanja Peternek Aleksic, is presented a successful lady who has found her place in some other field of business. Starting from this year on stage are presented successful Serbian women who live and work abroad, which have achieved significant results and haven’t lost their bond to their homeland. This time, to the public was presented dr Miroslava Bozinovic Bjeljac, a lady who is amongst the three most achieved neurosurgeons in the world.

The previous year was aimed towards development and promotion of entrepreneurship among young people. At the ceremony were presented two new ABW projects: “Service development for women start-up promotion” and “Inspiring women’s entrepreneurship in Serbia”. These projects are supported by the GIZ – The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH and CIPE – Center for International Private Enterprise from Washington D.C

Friends of the event:

The significance of the event was recognized and supported by some of the most successful Serbian companies and banks, such as: AIK banka“, „Fiat Automobili Srbija“, „D Express and „Ušće Shopping Center“.


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Support of ABW members:

With the public recognition candidates, award winners as well as members of the expert jury received gifts from sponsors. Among these sponsors are many ladies, awarded with the “Success Flower” in the previous years: Vučić Architekten“, „Arhi Pro“, „Bel Medic“, „Slovo“, „Vivex Trading“, „Dessert Čačak“, „Klett“, „Markat Media“, „Novex“,  „Beauty Imagini“, „No Kači“, „AMC“, „Crystal Derma“, „Aura“, „Enco Book“, „Confida“, „Maja Med“, „Perfect Vision“, „Nana S.V.“ and „Art Ival“.

Media partners:

Media support gave: Agencija „Beta”, „B92“, „Biznis”, „Blic”, „Žena Blic”, „E-kapija”, „Ekonometar”, TV „Kopernikus“, RTV „Pink“, „Poslovna žena“, TV „Skay+“, RTV „Studio B“ and TV „Forum Prijepolje“.

Award winners

In the category „the most european women’s company“ award winners are:

  • Biljana Jovanovic, owner and CEO of fashion studio „Luna“ DOO from Požarevac

  • Dr Zorica Crnogorac Ilić, co-owner and CEO of Special gynecologic hospital “Genesis” from Novi Sad

In the subcategory „self-employment““:

  • Aleksandra Bogdanović, owner and CEO of “Dečji sajt“DOO from Belgrade

Special mentions:

  1. Special mention for contribution for employment of women:
  • Danijela Božić, owner of S.Z.U.R. „O!Philip“ from Kraljevo

  1. Special mention for inovativeness
  • Ivanka Milenković, owner of „Eko fungi“ DOO from Padinska Skela

  1. Special mention for development of entrepreneurship in underdeveloped areas:
  • Dragana Ivanov, owner and CEO of SPR „Anitex“ from Bosilegrad

  1. Special mention for successful business model:
  • Vesna Vučurević,owner of „Univerexport- Import“ DOO from Novi Sad

  1. Special mention for pioneer entrepreneurial venture:
  • Milica Irkić, owner and CEO of the company „Irkom“ DOO from Kosjerić
  • Milenka Krpović, co-owner and CEO of „Protekt Point“ DOO from Prijepolje

  1. Special mention for joint female venture:
  • Dragana Janjić, co-owner and CEO of winery „Aleksić” from Vranje

  1. Special mention for development of entrepreneurship in the agro industry:
  • Dragana Stojanović, co-owner of „Media com“ DOO from Belgrade

  • Dr Mirjana Cakić, owner of manufacture and store „Kokoda“ from village Lapotince

Awards were handed by Dr. Sanja Popovic Pantic, President of ABW Serbia, and a member of the commission Radojka Nikolic, owner and editor of the magazines “Ekonometar” and “Business”.

  1. Special mention for socially responsible business:
  • Stoja Meseldžija, owner and CEO of „Stotex“  DOO from Stari Banovci

  1. Special mention for the best mentoring pair:
  • Tijana Jovanović Petrović, owner and CEO of design studio „Chimera“ from Belgrade
  • Maja Enis, owner of publishing house„Enco Book“ from Belgrade

Awards were handed by Olivera Popović, vice-president of ABW Serbia and a member of the commission.

  1. Special mentions for media contribution fr promotion of women’s entrepreneurship were granted to: 
  • „Žena Blic“
  • Radio Televizija Srbije
  • Prva srpska televizija
  • „Studio B“
  1. Special mention for the contribution to development of women’s entrepreneurship:
  • Danica Drakulić, President of the Asscoiation of Business Women Subotica, from Subotica

Television stories about the event can be found here

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