Miroslava Jovanović

Miroslava Jovanović

Born 28/10/1958 in Belgrade

1982 – Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade – on the department of statistics and cybernetics.

1983-1991 – Works for the foreign trade company “Brodoimpex” in Belgrade. Occupations held: starting position of commercialist, senior commercialist and Head of branch.

1991-1992 – Works for a private company for wholesale

1992 – Establishes her own entrepreneurial store “Miross” and asides from trade business she starts making small leather products.

2000 – Transfers to family company Novex Ltd, as a general manager and with her husband develop and expands production of business leather products.

2006 – Takes over the business and to this day runs on her own family company “Novex” whose business activity is production of leather products.