Mr Ružica Đurđević

Mr Ružica Đurđević


MSc  Ruzica Djurdjevic gradated and magistrate at the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade. During her career she worked at managing positions. For years she was a financial director, then director deputy, professor at the Belgrade Business School, vice president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Pozarevac.

She founded a company “Inter-Mehanika” in Smederevo in 2002. Within the company is a special workshop for repairing break equipment on railway carriages – KO3 and laboratory for testing “Gestra” valves on rail tankers for transport of hazardous materials.

“Inter Mehanika” manufactures spare parts and test benches for the rail industry, and has a wide range of products and process equipment in thermo-energetic, agricultural equipment, shipbuilding and mechanical parts and assemblies. The company produces sports equipment and equipment for playgrounds and parks.

Service and product customers are Hungarian and Romanian workshops for overhaul and manufacture of wagons. Company exports boats in Montenegro and has customers in Republic of Srpska and Croatia.

Company owns ISO 9001:2000/ ENISO 9001:2000 certificate and technical approval for manufacture of the institute “Kirilo Savic”.

Ruzica Djurdjevic is awarded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce for achieved business results in 2005. She was also rewarded eith the “Success Flower 2007”, in the category “the best model of employment”.

With the purchase of factory “Metalac” from Skorenovac, she solved the problem of job loss for a certain amount of women, suggesting them to turn their hobbies crochet, knitting and embroidery into business. Ruzica suggested education, by hiring a fashion designer from Belgrade, who taught them how to turn their skills and knowledge into business, and be profitable. They started making gift boxes, to embroider towels, to restore furniture etc. These women are independent now, earn for living from selling these handmade products through the Tourist Organization of Serbia.