Dušica Semenčenko

Dušica Semenčenko

contact: dusica.semencenko@pupin.rs

Dusica Semencenko graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade,  sector – the History of art.

Master thesis: “System approach in creating and managing national system of innovations – example: building a technological infrastructure”, was defended at the Faculty of Engineering “M. Pupin” in Zrenjanin. She defended her PhD thesis on the subject: ”Factors in shaping national system of innovations in Serbia” in 2008 at the Faculty of Management in Novi Sad.

Dusica is employed at the institute “Mihailo Pupin” at the Science and Technology Policy Research Centre (CIRNT) as an expert associate.

Dusica’s widest professional interest is related to research of internal laws of science and technology development, and their impact on the development of society. As an associate of the CINRT, she participates in all of its activities: NI projects, educational and publishing activities. She published over ten scientific and review papers and monographs.

She engaged herself as a lecturer at the Alternative Academic educational network. She was a general secretary of the Association of institutes in economy – YUPRIS, and currently is general secretary of the Association “Technology and Society”.

During the 2001 and 2002, Dusica attended a UNIDO training seminar on organizing National program of Technological Foresights, as well as CIPRE seminar on the subject of the role of national governments in creation of scientific-technologic-innovation policies.

Dusica is a member of Helsinki group – network of experts of the European Committee within the program Women and Science.