They Made Their Positions by Themselves

They Made Their Positions by Themselves

Association of Business Women in Serbia organized in the ethno village “Raj na Moravi, kod Jevđa” (Paradise on the Morava, at Jevđa’s) in Mrčajevci near Čačak, the final presentation of the project “Reduction of unemployment of young women in underdeveloped municipalities through support to self-employment in the services and tourism sector”, financed by the European Union within the programme “Supporting Civil Society”.

Institutional support to the project was given by the National Corporation for Development of Tourism, while local partners were the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo – OJ Čačak and Regional Chamber of Commerce Valjevo.

The aim of this event was presentation of results achieved by 23 attendants from different cities and towns in Serbia, together with their mentors, successful women entrepreneurs, through free-of-charge mentor programme, as well as through consultant support and trainings.

On that occasion, the creative team of the Association of Business Women in Serbia designed the closing event thorough an interesting performance, with the idea to present the work of mentor pairs, also to be presented in a special publication, together with the documentary film on the project, on 18 June in Belgrade.

As the final result of the training, attendants registered 11 new companies and initiated in the labour market two new areas of doing business.

“Even if we did not have such a good result, measured by the number of registered companies, the fact that 23 women from rural areas passed through an overall process of education, mentor and consultant work, but also through positive interaction due to which they created their own network of support, would be sufficient as a result”, pointed out Sanja Popović-Pantić, Project Coordinator and President of the Association of Business Women in Serbia. “All of it will be visible in the documentary film that will be presented throughout June, because we believe it is very important to motivate other women all over Serbia to recognize in their local environments a chance for self-employment, and to learn how to develop it and how to find out who can help them doing it”, stated Popović-Pantić.

The event was attended by a large number of journalists, and you can get more information on the closing event of the project in Mrčajevci on our Facebook page and on our YouTube chanell.